They referenced both après-ski and aprè-sun

For Resort, Veronica Beard designers Veronica Swanson Beard and Veronica Miele Beard found a clever way to tackle the season”s transitional, buy-now-wear-now demands: They referenced both après-ski and aprè-sun. “It”s like the perfect vacation,” Swanson Beard said, pointing to photos of Aspen in the “70s next to retro snaps of girls in bikinis. “You spend a week in the mountains, and then a week at the beach.” That meant there was a Fair Isle sweater on the same rack as an eyelet blouse. The brand”s layering sensibilities make it justifiable to invest in such disparate items, but while the Beards have never been afraid to pile it on, they did pare things back a little here. An expanded denim collection (including some great patch-pocket flares) suggested that they”ve keyed into women”s preference for easy, casual pieces. The sisters-in-law were thinking along “classics with a twist” lines: a ribbon-print charmeuse blouse, sailor pants, a nautical sweater. They”re still feeling the “60s and “70s, which showed up in a suede jacket, as well as on a pair of white ponte flares that felt just a touch Louis Vuitton-inspired. And, of course, there were lots of their signature blazers and dickies, which the Beards have been tweaking and elevating since they started the brand five years ago. In July, they”ll relaunch their website and add a Jacket Shop, where customers can select jackets and dickies separately.Welcome to visit my coach bags outlet store:


Exactly who started this season”s trends for transparency

Exactly who started this season”s trends for transparency, pale color, and bouncy crinolined skirts, we may never know. All that”s certain is that it takes a practiced eye to handle all three of them at once—but if anyone can get away with it, it”s Karl Lagerfeld. On the Fendi runway, he made bell-shaped dresses—with their accompanying three levels of sheer fabric in the skirt—look molded in a graphic way, rather than ingenue-cute or dubiously sleazy (pitfalls that have been encountered by others who”ve gone the way of see-through).

With that, Lagerfeld established a modernist, cinch-waisted silhouette, further de-cloyed by up-sprouting quiffs, that ran throughout the collection—and he cleverly dispensed broderie anglaise, tablecloth lace, and laser cutouts as he went along. It made enough of a statement to carry the show, but, as always, the real news-making content was the shape of the Fendi bags. This season, it”s the “kangaroo pouch”—vaguely similar to the Hermès Birkin, but with one side draped open.Welcome to visit my coach bags outlet store:

Spare and sporty was the order of the day

Alexander Wang”s survivalist leanings were front and center at his H&M show last week, but they crystallized a season or two back in his Fall “14 and Resort “15 main line offerings. He returned to the look in his Resort “15 diffusion line, T.

Spare and sporty was the order of the day. Here there was a metallic silver anorak that folded up into itself, leaving the wearer with a neat little pouch. (RiRi herself donned it for Wang”s Spring show, along with the matching bucket hat—and little else.) When things get chillier, the T customer can cozy up to a hyper-sporty, hyper-utilitarian coat in performance nylon with fleece lining and sharp, laser-cut pocket detailing. Elsewhere, there were particularly cool glossy tracksuits with contrasting matte leather stripes. (The pants came with tear-away snaps for the girl who”s really on the go.) The brutalism of Wang”s most synthetic-seeming pieces was tempered by gorgeous chunky knits, seen in a pullover and drop-crotch sweatpants, and buttery sea-foam green lambskin, which he whipped into bralettes and trousers. Also nice was an oversize, martial-looking olive bomber. But it wasn”t all big and boxy—the body-con numbers for which Wang was originally known were well represented here, in dresses and tops. Especially compelling was printing done over a plaited rib knit so that when stretched across the torso, it exposed the undyed material in between.

With all this premium put on functionality and activity, Wang might be remiss not to explore the wear and tear his girl”s wardrobe is bound to encounter. Deterioration is a theme the designer”s flirted with in the past, and here he conjured it up with indigo, seen in anoraks and cotton knits washed to a convincing distress. And despite a sweatshirt printed with helpful symbols for washing, like those seen on care tags, the takeaway here was clear: cool clothes to get down and dirty in—and all but certain to thrill would-be action heroines worldwide.Welcome to visit my Coach Sale store:

The peripatetic Diane von Furstenberg never stays in one place

The peripatetic Diane von Furstenberg never stays in one place, or one decade, too long. For spring, she flirted with flappers, but her fall collection was dedicated to a less era-specific icon: the glamazon (which also happens to be the name of the newest addition to her growing beauty line).

This modern-day huntress gathers her fashion as she pleases; not for her a dull adherence to one style or another. The collection, designed as always by von Furstenberg and Nathan Jenden, drew heavily from the English hunting lodge, with its tweeds and tartans—although it’s doubtful anyone ever rode to the hounds in one of von Furstenberg’s skintight cuts, curvy jackets, or eye-dazzling color combinations. The designers called on Camelot as well, with touches of medieval battle armor: a metallic knit tunic with an attached hood, a dark-gray snakeskin leather jacket, a jangly spangled beaded tabard worn over a wool jersey top and leggings. There’s so much going on that it can be hard to follow von Furstenberg’s lead, but there’s no doubt she enjoys the sport of it all.Welcome to visit my Coach Sale store:

Last season, we saw Carlos Miele in the midst of a clean-up act

Last season, we saw Carlos Miele in the midst of a clean-up act, jettisoning some of the excess that has previously weighed down his collections. His Fall show was an evolution of the same process, with the designer trying harder than ever to utilize his powers of restraint—insofar as that”s allowed under Brazilian law. Fresh off the accomplishment of designing his 8,000-square-foot São Paulo boutique and his beach house on the island of Florianópolis, Miele had architecture on the brain. In seasons past, this reference wouldn”t have been subtle, but here he worked it gently into the curved seams and twisted straps of colorful, fluid gowns that snaked gracefully around the body, and into the texture of square pleating on coats, skirts, and sculptural cable knits. An injection of menswear—particularly a black blazer worn over an evening skirt—was unexpected but wholly welcome: It was a great counterpoint to Miele”s typical va-va-voom femininity. With his new ad campaign now hitting magazines, the designer”s more restrained approach is picking up steam.Welcome to visit my Coach Sale store:

There were sheepskin vests and reversible jersey-knit tunics

It”s hard to look fondly upon a designer whose show is so late that you miss the next presentation and who then conspires to have his audience depart half-deafened with tinnitus. But Todd Lynn”s sincerity comes through just as clearly as his very loud guest band, Slaves, did tonight. This pre-fall presentation for women was dropped amidst a Fall “15 menswear collection. That mash-up was appropriate, because most of the looks, after a nip and a tuck, would be wearable on either gender. The point with Lynn, though, is that it”s not your gender but your sensibility that defines your readiness to wear his clothes. And Lynn”s type—exemplified by longtime client PJ Harvey, who lurked in his audience—is anything but mainstream. His men and women wore big, bobbed, brunette identi-wigs over slim black trenches and suiting that jiggled with fringing down each sleeve and had chains at the pockets. There were sheepskin vests and reversible jersey-knit tunics-cum-smocks. Models of both genders slipped in their Louboutin Beatle boots—someone forgot to hairspray the soles—but found sounder traction on color-touched elastic-tied sneakers. Green tailoring, blue sheepskin vests, scarlet shoes, and bikers with collars of more blue broke up the mono. “I love you more when you”re angry because you”re so boring when you”re nice,” bellowed Slaves. This was a purist”s collection for the edgier RTW customer, and it danced to a certain music all of its own.Welcome to visit my Coach Sale store:

Leave it to Narciso Rodriguez to create the perfect little dress

Leave it to Narciso Rodriguez to create the perfect little dress. The Cuban-American designer”s forte has always been adding a touch of edginess to simple, chic classics, and this season he proved that he is still ahead of the game in that department. Silk charmeuse formed the base of his collection–showing up on dresses and slips that were worn alone or layered, alluding to a sensual state of partial undress. Rodriguez hardened the mood with sharp, tailored leather coats and cashmere tweed dresses. There were also sleek, fitted cashmere trousers and sexy, curve-hugging T-shirts. Clever accessories completed the look: Rodriguez featured luxurious alligator bags, decadent mink booties and hefty chains worn as necklaces and bracelets.Welcome to visit my Coach Outlet Online store: